Levi & Lynley

Monday, April 28, 2008

What a windy cold day! But I probably haven't had this much fun with a couple. We found some new cool places that totally fit their style and personality. Levi and Lynley had me constantly laughing...it was a good thing we got a couple of good shots with the camera shaking so much:)  Watching them for an hour, I can tell that they are happy in love and have a lot of fun together. 

Brad & Camille

These two are going to have gorgeous children...just look at them! They are such a good looking couple...athletic, blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful. We had such a fun time doing these pictures, and the sunset turned out awesome! These two will be so happy together. 

Jeff & Sarah II

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lacey & David

Ashley & Kayla

These two cute girls are seniors and are graduating from high school! Way to go! They both are on the tennis team and the Acapella Girl's Choir and they love it! It was a beautiful day and these girls were so entertaining!
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