Taylor and Bekah Bridals ~ Utah Wedding Photographer

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

These two are just amazing. I just love that I am their photographer.  Happy wedding!  {Don't rain on us Friday for the wedding!!}
  IMG_5419IMG_5432 IMG_5435 IMG_5512 Untitled-1 IMG_5504 IMG_5491 Untitled-2 IMG_5464 Untitled-3 IMG_5612bw IMG_5641 IMG_5700 IMG_5586 IMG_5568 IMG_5716bw Untitled-4 IMG_5783 IMG_5762bw IMG_5769 IMG_5816 IMG_5796 IMG_5952bw IMG_5947 IMG_5936 IMG_5965bw IMG_5890 IMG_5855 IMG_5852bw IMG_5865 IMG_5908 IMG_5896 IMG_5986 IMG_6030

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